Alert Service

Timely information for fast action. We are mapping emergency services across country so that you get the most relevant support when required instantaneously.


The free acci-alert app allows everyone to avail alert services anywhere anytime. Additional embedded hardware allows automatic alert without user’s interference in case of road accident / emergency situation.

Emergency Alert

In case of any emergency situation, the acci-alert hardware is fastened to your car to support you and to make you feel more safe and secure to travel back on road.

Most Serious Security System

All your data is encrypted the moment you key-in. Relevant data is shared with users in your personal list and public emergency along with locally at place of incident.

Learn about security

Fast action along with timely security. We are mapping the emergency service across the country so that you can get the most relevant help and support when required instantaneously at the time of accident.


Hit from Front
Strike from Sides


Hit from Back

Gas (CO) Analyser & More

Sign up for Acci-alert and you can use the app for free. Though, car users have an extra option to get additional hardware installed for automatic accident notification system.

Currently acci-alert is available for Maruti Suzuki cars - Swift, Dzire, Eritga. Work is under development for other car models and companies. All the other models and automobiles are under development.

Once acci-alert is activated, it will continuously try to reach out for help. Our patented system uses hopping to reach to the nearby available networks.

Acci-alert app allows you to sends alerts via emails, texts and voice messages to people in your personal list and/ or to emergency services such as Police stations or nearby hospitals.

See list of Family, Friends and Emergency services informed by Accialert upon activation under Informed details in App.

How it works?

Accialert - Automatic accident notification system continuously detects impact encountered by the vehicle. If impact is beyond a pre-set value, the system gets activated. Alternately user can activate system by pressing switch from car dashboard or mobile App.
User hears beep noise in dashboard as well as receive Voice call & SMS on their registered mobile.User have less than a minute to cancel the alert system both from car dashboard & mobile app in case of false alarm.

Tech. Specs.
Accialert is currently available on devices running on Android 4.0 on-wards.We would be launching it for iOS 9.0 or later version soon.
Accialert is currently available for certain models of Maruti Suzuki Make Cars as Swift, Swift-Dzire & Ertiga. We would be covering other cars models & car makes in coming days. Later the system will be available for Bikes & Scooters.
Consult Accialert for details.

This is how we do it.

Cost Effective Solutions

There are No ready Spare parts for Human body & No Substitute for Life. Yet priced competitively at fraction of cost as compared to yearly Car Insurance Premium.

Silver plan

For Small, Medium Cars

6,000/- onwards.
  • Front impacts
  • Side impacts
  • Free 1 yearly customer care monitoring & support
  • Back impacts
  • Rollovers
  • Gas (CO) Analyser & more

Gold plan

For Small, Medium cars

11,000/- onwards
  • Front impacts
  • Side impacts
  • Back impacts
  • Rollovers
  • Free 2 yearly customer care monitoring & support
  • Gas (CO) Analyser & more

Platinum plan

All you can get from the System

21,000/- onwards
  • Front impacts
  • Side impacts
  • Back impacts
  • Rollovers
  • Gas (CO) Analyser & more
  • Free 3 yearly customer care monitoring & support

What they say

  • Your initiative as startup to launch put us in the common interests for concept to prove for product.Wish You Good Luck to become Successful Entrepreneur

    Charanjeet Sikka | (First Customer)
  • A unique and innovative product to help save a life

    Manik Mittal | (Director)

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